May 172007

I’ve lasted pretty well so far lugging all my gizmos around but it’s a bit of a hassle as well. I’ve got compact camera, digital SLR with a few lenses, laptop, MP3 player and I’ve acquired a few external hard drives for holding music, pictures and the odd video.

(PIcture : Chargers and leads galore)


I’ve also always purchased a SIM card for my phone in every country except Cambodia (you needed a local ID card there) and Myanmar, and I won’t be able to in Japan.

(Picture : My seven SIM cards : Left to right clockwise – since I know you are really interested – Malaysia DTC, Australia Optus, Vietnam somethingorother, NZ Vodafone, UK Vodafone, Laos Tango, I think XPAX is Thailand as well I can’t remember, and in the background the purchase card for my Thai Happy SIM!) 

And of course, taking as many photos as I have the last 12 months, you have to expect a camera memory card to get confused and become useless at least once…luckily I never lost anything and had a spare with me as it was at the start of my Mount Aspiring walk!  Of course I had to take it apart to have a look.

(Picture : External hard drives)

But I’d struggle to travel without all the stuff!

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