May 062007

I’m still alive. I came up to Hahei on the Coromandel peninsula and loving the chilling out. I went to Cathedral Cove and Hotwater Beach yesterday, and returned to Hotwater beach today. Hahei is a superbly chilled out tiny town on the coast. Just what I needed.
I even took this morning to prep a box to send home (one of two before hitting Japan) so I travel lightly…ish.
It was a great scene this afternoon – sitting in a hot sandy pool of hot springs on the beach, while watching guys grab mussels from the rocks, another guy surfing, and a scottish guy bouldering on the rocks on the beach.
You’ve gotta love the diversity of New Zealand! Heading back to the big bad city this week to get shot of the car asap before heading further north for a few days before eeek, leaving here two weeks today. Still kinda wished I had squeezed inVanuatu if it wasn’t for the cash though!

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  1. I’ll be sorry to see you leave New Zealand, Darren, but I’ll continue to check in on your travels. So we’ve got you for another two weeks? Great!

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