May 262007

I toiled to get accommodation so will beon the move between places while I’m here.  That helped me have a bit of a brief lonely first night in a new city kinda feeling.  With only one thing to do, I went out and wanderered around Gion.  Unlike normal, after I stood around getting my bearings and finding out exactly where the bus had dropped me off, I popped into the Irish Bar to grab a pint and some food.

I was asked to move from my seat as a group reserved it, so I ate at the bar.  One of the group came over and apologised and asked if I wanted to join them, so I spent the rest of the evening drinking with a bunch of people studying over here – from Guatamala, Mexico, Japan, Canada, UK, France….  great evening.  Luckily they all disbanded before they went to karaoke so it was a short taxi ride home.

I’m off to wander around Kyoto today.

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