May 142007

I was out diving at Poor Knights again today, and again had a fantastic day.  There were a couple of lads from England on the boat so the three of us buddied up and went out on our own – my first time without a guide (although these guys had recently done their divemaster but I think had only dived in Thailand). It was superb just having a bit of freedom to do our own thing.  (Picture : My buddies – one clearly very pleased – at a cave entrance, me looking out to sea. The image just doesn’t do it justice)

With a bit of playing around I also got my camera to function correctly for most of the first dive, but unfortunately not the second one when we entered a cracking cave and had a few decent swimthroughs.

The first dive was at  Middle Channel which was the gap between the two major islands in the chain.  Superb visibility, we followed a steep wall to the open channel where we were lucky to see an Eagle Ray swimming away from the first set of divers. I also managed to catch a large nudibranch (which eats other nudibranches) hanging out on the sandy bed.  (Pictures : diver next to wall and seabed, and 8 inch nudibranch)

We then headed back towards a kelp forest, and popped into the start of a cave giving the typical amazing Poor Knights views out to the sun.  You enter a dark cave, then turn round to a picture perfect underwater postcard view.  The north stonefishes are far larger than their counterparts you see in Asia (and I believe quite a bit less dangerous!).


We made the compulsory stop in Riko Riko cave but unfortunately didn’t dive there again, although the light bouncing off the sea to the cave’s roof was far more impressive today. (Picture : Riko Riko cave – so clear you can see the bottom in the picture too)

Dive two took us to Trevor’s Rocks which is a set of three pinnacles, with some nice little swimthroughs, and ended up swimming round a nice archway into a cave with yet another picture postcard view.

It was once again a superb day and I was really tempted to dive for a third day but reckon I will head up north for some sightseeing.




One of the many fish. I think this one is a leatherjacket (Kokiri)



One of the open caves we swam around, and into on the second dive, giving a picture postcard view out to open water.



I have so much loved my time diving in this location and having been a few months since I’ve dived it’s really motivated me for it.  I’m just pretty gutted that I am not managing to do my divemaster before I head back home, but it’s still something I’d love to do whether I would ever take it further or not.

And tonight also ends well. A beer with one of my buddies, sitting the van under nature’s disco lights, with the odd shooting star, and the milky way above as well.  A perfect end.

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