May 312007
Nara and Hiroshima

I got up to go to Hiroshima this morning but decided to head to Nara for the day instead, and take the train over late afternoon. (Picture : Nara tourism in ‘low’ season)   Again I was surround by schoolkids so I just had a pleasant walk around some temples and shrines but never went inside […]

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May 312007
Osaka Aquarium

Yesterday I went to Osaka Aquarium which has one of the largest tanks in the world.  The had a frickin’ whale shark and manta ray in there!!!!!  And loads more.  Very diferent from the Sydney Aquarium, which I think I preferred, but very good to see all the things.  I wish I had brought along […]

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May 302007

In regards to outdoors shops. Anyway, I’m sending this from my first night in a capsule hotel. I’ve just been wondering around the nightlife area of Osaka. I’ve had my first sensory overload experience since arriving in Japan. Neon lights everywhere, bars and restaurants, Japanese youths pretending they are american homies, so many restaurants I […]

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May 302007

I started typing this to talk about the food and experiences I’d miss when I got back, things I’d like when I get back, and things I’d like to be able to buy back in Scotland.  I kindof got carried away in a ‘perfect day’ scenario made up of different things.  It’s raining outside and I should be […]

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May 292007
Yakitori Sukiyanen

So, if you’ve wandered what I’m blethering on about, here’s the yakitoi place I went to this evening…..  a few dishes, a couple of beers, and a small hot sake.  Hmmm hmmm mmmmmm Yakitori Sukiyanen by Kyoto Tower : Hasami yakitori : Chicken and shallots         Enoki Bacon – Japanese mushrooms with […]

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May 292007
Kyoto - Get on yer bike (and more shopping)

If you go to Kyoto, just accept what everyone says and don’t faff around like me.  Hire a bike.  It really is the best way to see the city.  I spent a few days getting the bus around which was an easy way to get oriented but it takes longer to get around many places, […]

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May 292007
Johnnie Jazz, this ones for you mate

I’m really sorry but I couldn’t get it in your size.  It seems your reputation and following has spread worldwide.  Check out the t-shirt I saw at a store in Kyoto today…. Even I would’ve splashed the cash for this for you, but it would have been way too small.  I was gutted.  I was […]

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