Apr 092007

Fresh back from a 5000m freefall jump. You should be able to see my picture from Tuesday 10th at the Skydive Lake Wanaka website. Needless to say it was a bloody brilliant experience. The flight was uber scenic and I decided to do it here rather than the far cheaper Lake Taupo so that I could see the Wanaka area, and more importantly Mount Aspiring from the sky. I could see the ridge we climbed up, albeit from about 50km away. The views over Wanaka were breathtaking. I want to fly!

Oh yeh, the skydive was superb. An initial weightless type feeling as you accelerate to around 200km/h then taking it all in. The parachute popped open and then you could take in far more. Amazing. I’ve got a DVD as well. What the ‘eck eh!

Although I just checked my bank account…. Eeek!

Would love to do it again, but that won’t be happening this trip!

To be honest it was no big deal. I only booked it this morning so never really had time to think about it as I spent the rest of the day catching up on blogging and emailing. All of a sudden I was in the plane admiring the views, then out we popped, hurtling to the ground. Fantastic (although I wish I said stuff other than just repeating ‘excellent’ on the video!)

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