Apr 262007

Yesterday was spent driving up to Palmerston North to visit Natalie I met in KL. I guess it was a bit like couchsurfing as I had only went out for some food and drinks with her and a mate. Thanks to her and her mum for putting me up. I saw the delights of ‘Palmy’ which was a gorge and a windfarm. Although we have them not far from home it’s the closest I’ve been to one – sitting right at the bottom of it in the car. It’s a tough one though – a great source of energy but woudl I want to see them scatted over the beautiful views of Scotland like planned?
Definitely not.
Anyway I’m off towards National Park today and will probably have a quick spy of the Flying Fox and bungee (will my credit card stay in my pocket?). If the weather behaves itself I’ll be heading across the Tongariro Crossing then driving up towards Taupo and Rotorua.
And…….my first couchsurfing experience is planned on Sunday night if all goes well. No doubt it will be a bit bizarre but they sound a great outdoors couple but it’s bound to be different to hooking up with mates but I’m sure it will be sweet. I’m mean what’s the worst that can happen? You meet another couple of people on your travels, have a chinwag and leave the next morning. Not that much of a hardship. Or you could meet some fantastic new mates, see some of the area with them, and see them when they crash on my couch in Scotland.
Either way it can’t be that bad.
Anyway, it’s time to hit the road again.

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