Apr 172007

I’m quite keen to start heading towards the North Island again so I can spend some time with Jono in Wellington before I explore further north.  Tomorrow (Wednesday?) I’ll head west via Wanaka towards Fox and Frans Joseph Glaciers.

I may end up hooking up with a local I met in Malaysia for a couple of days on Abel Tasman and around, but due to my lack of planning it’s a bit unlikely.

Unfortunately I pretty much decided a week or two wouldn’t really do justice to Vanuatu without doing relatively expensive internal flights so have all but binned the idea of making a last minute escape there before heading to Japan.  Boo hoo hoo.  I’ll be missing some excellent volcano trekking, diving, and witnessing the home of ‘bungy’ where traditionally men leap off tall platforms connected to vines or similar.  Gutted. 

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