Apr 102007

Last night Tom, Caroline and I went to see Black Sheep in the amazing homely Cinema Paradiso in Wanaka.  One of the best cinemas ever – huge old sofas and a Morris Minor you can sit in while watching the film, which was a bizarre comedy/’thriller’ about a flock of mad genetically engineered sheep in New Zealand.  Richard was over from Christchurch to see his folks and joined us.  And oh, the home made cookies….

Tom and Caroline left this morning to go WWOOFING (Willing Workers on Organic Farming, or something like that) by Queenstown and I just caught up on emails etc overlooking Lake Wanaka from the hostel.    I did my skydive as mentioned in an earlier post this afternoon.

Richard invited me out to his parents for some home made pizzas in their home made wood fired oven in the garden, which has to be seen to be believed.  I had also been told about his dad’s ‘little’ vineyard in his garden….it was frickin’ huge!!  It was a great night of chinwag and watching the skydiving DVD.  I almost fell over laughing when the music piped through the outdoors speakers though – it seemed so surreal, but kind of sums up the style of ‘backpacking’ I’ve managed to get accustomed to through meeting such great folk on my travels!  I missed daylight so couldn’t play tennis in the garden court though…..

I really like Wanaka – loads of activities to do and a nice sized town that’s not outgrown itself yet….  I’ve looked at a few too many estate agents windows around town.  Oh if only I could afford the lifestyle back home – the UK has priced itself out of things like this!

I may end up staying another day though, and am very likely to pass back through here when cutting across to the West Coast heading north.

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