Apr 252007

It’s Anzac day today! I refused an invitation to join Sarah I met in Malaysia for the dawn Anzac ceremony – sorry Sarah the offer was appreciated. Jono, Kirsty and I headed along to the Chocolate Fish cafe on Welly’s coast (see previous post on A Day In Wellington for information) and had the best bacon sarnie in the world ever (again).

I was then forced to watch Lord of The Rings this afternoon as I had never seen it…and I still don’t know what all the fuss was about. I also tucked into some bizarre, but quite nice Sea Salt Chocolate from Chocolate Therapy, Dairy Milk and a can of Irn Bru I couldn’t resist buying from a British Shop yesterday. Lazy day all round.

I’m off to Palmerston North to hook up with another travel friend tomorrow. I’ll then head further North to National Park area and hopefully gatecrashing Rob and Paula from back home’s honeymoon for a few celebratory beers. I am not going to try and do an epic mission around the North Island so will likely (and a bit reluctantly) miss out Mount Taranaki and Napier……….and head to National Park / Tongariro, Taupo, Rotorua, Coromandel Pensinsula and dive at the Poor Knight Islands.

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