Apr 102007

Ken – you’llbe pleased at my purchase in the Mount Cook’s Aspiring Guide’s office – a set of foldable plastic dishes and mug from Orikaso!  I thought I’d take this for you on the campsite the other day.


Needless to say I lugged them up to the Colin Todd hut only to find there were cooking dishes and plates already up there!

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  One Response to “Foldable cup – this one’s for you Ken!”

  1. Best bit of camping gear you’ll ever buy. That shiny laptop looks nice, but I bet it’s rubbish for making tea, and you’ll never have to spend hundreds of pounds on a Vista upgrade for your cup.
    Hope the trip is going well. Looks like you’ve been all over the place since I last read the blog, so I’ll have to try and catch up with your recent adventures sometime.
    Have fun.

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