Apr 242007

My first night back in Wellington I went out for a fantastic Japanese meal at Kazu Yakitori & Sake Bar as Kirsty’s felt I needed an intro before hitting Japanese shores.  Check the website out for the menu – fantastic.  We then went along to a great bar – the Good Luck bar which had a fantastic knowledgable barman and a suitably great cocktail menu.  I was getting introduced to one of the best gin’s (in his opinion) from the Shetland Isles of all places.  Due to me being Scottish he couldn’t let me leave without giving me a taster of it (for free).  Drinkable when straight and very nice….if only there were more barmen like this back home who knew their stuff and chatted away to you. 

There’s a great bar and cafe scene in Wellington.  I could have somefun exploring them….

I hoped to get my car through it’s Warrant of Fitness today but everywhere was busy so I went on a chilled out walk around the Te Papa museum and the waterfront before just heading back up to Jono’s to chill out.

It’s Anzac day tomorrow so most places will be closed up, then I’m going to head just a little bit further north to Palmerston North (yes, not the usual tourist attraction place) to stay with yet another person I met in Malaysia before exploring the North Island as quickly as I can.

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