Apr 172007

(Picture : Me at the steepest street in the world – nice new pants eh?)  Having got a bit bored of driving we went for a drive around Dunedin and the Otago Peninsula today.  I started off by walking up the steepest street in the world, the drove round the Otago Peninsula and failed to see any of the wildlife (except seals) on the very brief walks we did.  But I still had music in the car!  The peninsula was nice enough to scoot around though with some pretty stunning beaches with surf crashing in over them.

(Picture : Otago Peninsula)  A couple of hours was spent in town looking at guidebooks with me purchasing a probably never to be read Japanese phrasebook for the forthcoming visit.  I did managed to walk in and out of Bivouac Sports without buying anything – a mighty feat indeed!

Mr T has made some contact so I hope to hook up with him tonight and will try to avoid his international rules drinking games as I head over the to West coast on my own in the morning.

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