Apr 172007

…are beautiful.  Isn’t everything?  Can you tell I’m a bit travelled out?

After some lovely hostel home cooked bread and honey, we headed off in a two car convoy to drive through the Catlins for a day or two.  But this drive I had music!  And fresh tunes from my recently increased collection.  I also threw on some Billy Connolly incase I wanted something a bit different.

We stopped at a couple of lookouts over beaches and the like, and stopped at Jack’s Blowhole which didn’t really blow (although it was quite neat  – a big sea water blowhole 200m inland, 55m wide blah de blah which was surrounded in the typically amazing array of New Zealand plantlife from bush to palm tree type thingies.

After lunch in Owaka the scenery improved but as my timing was impeccable as usual, we couldn’t see the coastal Cathedral Caves as it was high tide during most of the day. 


We hot footed it to Dunedin.

I had tried to contact ‘Mr T’, a local from Dunedin whom I met on the sailing trip in the Whitsundays but Vodafone being the monopoly it is here appeared to have broken their text messaging last night.

Pizza seemed to be the order of the day so we ended up walking for about three miles to find a pizza place open (of course the following day we saw one in the centre of town), found a closed bar (before 10pm!) so couldn’t have a beer while we waited, and couldn’t find a bottle shop open to takeaway.  After eating pizza in the street it was a struggle to even find a bar open at 10pm.  Deciding to avoid the one that’s ‘always open but not very nice clientele’ it was an early kip.  Needless to say Dunedin, despite being a Monday night, could only improve.

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