Mar 172007

I bought a car today. Wish me luck as kindof bought it on a whim as most backpackers probably do. It’s just I bought a 1991 Subaru Legacy Turbo All wheel drive. All electrics, automatic….just that some of the bits don’t work as they should – like only one speaker. It’s got a decent history of paperwork though, and an invertor so I can use my laptop and charge things inside the car from the cigarette lighter. It’s also got a tent but very little else – e.g. cooking stuff – none of.

So depending on my mate’s folks availability I’ll be hot footing it from Auckland later today and heading south to pick up some gear, then onto Wellington probably tomorrow to see another mate. May rough it in the car tonight – will see how I feel!

Oh I wish I had my own tent, thermarest etc etc now!

Fingers crossed……

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