Mar 052007

I’ve updated my gallery – see link on right hand side.  I’d write more about the last few days but as usual I’ve been online for a while, achieving not very much!

I arrived in Adelaide yesterday and was greet with a mere 18c temperature!  I thought I was ready for some cooler weather, but not really!  Gladly today has picked up.

I went out yesterday to sample the warm up for the Adelaide Fringe Festival.  We met some of Scott’s mates, got into a puppet show for free, then walked out after we had finished our food we had just purchased!  A few beers were consumed never the less, sitting outside, getting cold!

Today Scott had to go to a work’s thing, so I was allowed to borrow his car (yaaa!) and headed down to Glenelg to visit the shark museum there (run by the guy who helped out with the production of the Jaws film).  Although not as bad as the media makes out, its a pretty ‘bad’ area for sharks around here, and they do helicopter patrols throughout the year to watch for them from the sky!!!

Anyway, been sitting in here too long achieving not very much so am about to head back into the centre of Adelaide to collect Scott, and maybe purchase my NZ guidebook.  I think we’re going to try and get mountain biking in the Adelaide Hills tomorrow, from Scott’s doorstep (he lives about 20 mins from the city centre, overlooking it all)…..but only if I can get a bike from somewhere.

I now have flights to Melbourne booked on Wednesday morning (only $25 AUD more than the bus), then to Sydney on Saturday morning.

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