Mar 022007

Came back from my three day trip to Uluru, Kings Canyon and the Olgas today. Just dashing out to grab food and beers with some of the crowd, then picked up again at 0630!…to spend 5hr going down the same road I ame up today – not the best planning. Coober Peedy better be worth it as the guide today said the road was pretty damn boring!
So glad I made it to Uluru though. Walking around it was amazing. As a ‘mountaineer’ I would have loved to get to the top for the views, but was never intending to do it anyway as it’s sacred to the locals and they prefer you don’t want to climb. It was closed the day we went due to heavy rain in the morning.
Anyway, better dash. Looking forward to Adelaide and catching up with my mate Scott for post touring cars racing (or something like that that’s on this weekend) celebrations! Only met him one night last year – so this will be the second time after snowboarding with him on and off for two months in 1999! Yaaah

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