Mar 152007

If you are an Aussie, or anyone else for that matter then you either have an allegiance to Sydney, or to Melbourne – both very different cities. So you may wand
er about my opinion, or more likely, you don’t care.
It’s a tough call. For me, Melbourne is way better. Cooler, funkier shops, easier to get out of that big city feeling as it’s much smaller, great coffee, great bar scene and reminds me a bit of Edinburgh in terms of ease of escape from the city feeling.
However, Sydney is in a fantastic location with loads of beaches, inlets, city centre marinas and far better weather. However in Sydney there is a greater feeling of being in a major city – you pretty much need reminded that despite the low population and great size of Australia, Sydney is up there with New York, Paris, London and the rest o n the world cities. I may be biased as I feel I know Melbourne a bit more than Sydney, largely due to being there twice.

My solution? Well it’s a bit late now, but if Sydney were to be bombed, and Melbourne dropped down on top of it, you have the perfect capital city!

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