Mar 132007

I got out the house today!  Well, around lunchtime….

I finally made it into the city centre then it rained just as I was about to explore the Botanic Gardens! Yes, it seems I brought the bad weather here too.  With that I headed into town and decided to overload myself even more and purchase my Japan guidebook and a couple of DVDs to back up my pictures (exciting blog this eh?).

I had promised myself I would see the aquarium while I was here to see if I liked them more now that I’ve done quite a bit of diving. It was amazing. If you are even slightly interested in the underwater world, definitely visit the aquarium at Darling Harbour during your trip.  There is everything from Yabbies to Crocs to Banana Peel Eels (!?) to coral fish to sharks and rays in many varieties.  I’ve been lucky enough to see quite a bit of the coral sealife during my trip but this place lets you get mesmerised by the motions of jellyfish while not having to worry about passing round them, yet you are still only half a foot away from them.  You can watch sharks, shrimps, turtles, rays and everything else swimming right past your face.  I could have stayed there for ages as I found it absolutely amazing being able to watch all these things without worrying about scaring them away, keeping your bouyancy and fighting currents and all that other stuff you may have to do when diving.

My only question was….if they advocate protecting coral environments etc….where did they get all the coral from?

After that it was off to meet Cath (and her mates) whom I met in Borneo volunteering.  It’s the second person from there I’ve met in Aus and always great to hook up.  We had quite a laugh until the conversation inevitably turned towards what to do ‘after’!  After my second pizza it was time get the ferry back – easy, 20 mins I’d be home.

Although……it turned out I must have been listening to my MP3 player too loudly (note, MP3 player (iAudio), not iPOD, they’re shit!  Everyone’s keeps breaking!)….  when the ferry went under the bridge it made me curious….hmm…must be an extra late night stop.  It kept going in that direction.  When it went back to the other side of the river I decided it was time to get off.  The ferry left on time, it must just be that MY one was the one behind or something.

No worries, there was Darling Harbour, a quick jog round that and I’ll be back at Circular Quay.  I think I must have got off at Balmain East.  Little did I realise how big the proper area of Darling Harbour was.  I only realised this after running down some side streets, turning one corner and probably scaring the shit out of a local girl walking home, creating a longcut back to the main road I was already on. Inlet after inlet got in the way of me getting to the bars and clubs lit up ‘just along the way’. I eventually got up to a main junction and found a taxi :

“If you’re quick, to Circular Quay please, if you’re slow to Mosman South”

In under ten minutes and twenty bucks he made it through the area we were in, across Anzac Bridge and along Darling Harbour to Circular Quay and I dashed through the gates with seconds to spare before the ferry left.  Still, seemed like a nice area I saw!  My twenty minute relaxing journey took an hour – not bad considering!

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