Mar 262007

I drove down from Hamner to Christchurch today and yet again have been a lucky bugger in the travel buddies, and accommodation stakes! This time, thanks to Richard whom I met in the Perhentian Islandsin October. He lives on the outskirts edges of Christchurch with a cracking view over a peninsula and beach. I’ll be shacked up in the spare room next to the dog’s kennel, sharing the house with a couple of housemates, including someone responsible for managing selling the tickets to all the snowsport club fields (those who know their wintersports in NZ will know it as the Chill Pass). I also joked they may be receiving a fourth rent in by the end of the week…. check the view out. I did hear of a working visa I can still get in NZ and Canada the other day…..and I even lowered myself to find a couple of IT jobs online in Christchurch today.

The Living room.

My wee room with my guardian pointer dog Megan.

To be honest, over the last while it’s made me realise some of the things you really miss out on living in a city, and the silly money you need to live in a fantastic place back home – all a bit disappointing really!

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