Mar 082007

I only arrived in Melbourne yesterday morning and it seems like I’ve been here for a while. I’ve dropped my bags in my mate’s apartment but have yet to see his housesitter! I didn’t do much during the day yesterday apart from wander around a few streets I didn’t see the last time. The pad is really central so you can easily walk into town or take a tram. I’m was really going to attempt to take my time here to chill out… least that’s what I thought.
The afternoon came around and I contacted Jane (met in Borneo) and arranged to hook up for a beer, and at the same time I got a text from a couple of Irish girls I met in Laos who I knew were working in Melbourne, so arranged to gatecrash leaving drinks for their mates and met everyone in a pub in St Kilda. As it ended up getting to that point where I had to decide to take a train or taxi back to town I ended up couchsurfing and stayed out a bit later.
As I was on the tram back I got a call from Sara who was on my road trip from Alice Springs to Adelaide, so then went to meet her and an Irish bloke for lunch in town. Tonight I was meant to meet me housemate-for-three-days but not sure if that’ll happen or not. Tomorrow I’m meeting another mate I met in Whistler many moons ago.

I love travelling!!!

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