Mar 132007

It’s not always sunny in Sydney! Botanical Gardens during a downpour

 I had an extremely lazy day in Sydney today.  I got up, got online, and never left the apartment until I went out to buy dinner for us around 7.30pm! I had great intentions to do a walk but it was really cloudy and windy so decided to hang loose and catch up on emails, music I’ve (ahem) acquired recently, downloading a few things, and looking at cars for sale and the Great Walks in New Zealand.

After spending the day watching the ferries go by  then getting some food I cooked dinner. The first meal I’ve cooked since June!! (except the odd trip one on project site in Borneo).  We then settled down to challenge each other at online poker over some wine and munchies…which amazingly appeared to fix my laptop speakers that stopped working some time ago.

A great day!  It made me realise how long it had been since I managed to sit down and not do much so it was well overdue!

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