Mar 202007

I had a pretty sharp start as it was a long day’s road trip from Hamilton to Wellington, stopping briefly at Ta Awamutu to pick up some winter climbing gear from a mate’s parents. It’s just that after all that, I forgot to ask about snow stakes, guidebooks and walking poles, so I went away with some ice gear which in hindsight another mate could have taken over for me. Och well as they say!
From there I had another 7 hours in the car, passing classic places like the Tongariro National Park and the winter ski towns around it. I never way anything due to the clouds really, however I plan to stop there on the way back.
It’s now one of my worries at this time of year that any walking or sights I hope to see will be covered in cloud. I’ll be gutted if this is the case!
I stopped off for the odd snack, but pretty much kept on the road all day from 8.30am until 6pm. The only good thing was listening to loads of new tunes I’ve acquired like Emilio Torrini, The Beautiful Girls (I saw them 2 years ago in Adelaide), The Living End, The Knife and others, finishing up with the Cult’s Greatest Hits coming into Wellington! Unfortunately I was a bit wary I got clocked for being ever so slightly over the speed limit so fingers crossed!! (However I never changed ownership until two days later!?)
Jono and I just like we were in Whistler!

It was great hooking up with Jono – I hadn’t seen him since Whistler in 1999! Off we went for some fantastic food in a great Asian food restaurant called Chow in Wellington. Wellington looks a bit funkier than Auckland – I just hope I get more time to explore the shops and nightlife on the way back North!

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