Mar 212007

I crossed the ditch today (otherwise known as the Cook Strait) and landed in Picton. It was blowing a hoolie on the way across, but pretty straightforward and comfy crossing. I landed up at the Sequoia Backpackers here which is a really cool little hostel, although most folk end up in the tele room all evening (more space for the rest of us!). It’s also got a hot tub! I’ve book the dolphin swim at Kairkoura on Saturday which I’m trying not to have high hopes for, but it should be good.
One of the girls working here pointed me to a nighttime walk so I could see some glowworms, so I headed up there after dinner. It was pitch black and I shit myself before even leaving the housing area as something russled around in the bushes. I should remember I’m not in Borneo anymore. I head up anyway, along the pitch black narrow path (Essons Valley if you are ever here) and all of a sudden there were a shit load of glowworms along the side of the path. By this point all my worries of being in the middle of nowhere in the dark had subsided and I checked them out for ooooh, a good five minutes. I decided not to go on any further after hearing random noises and got back to civilisation in half the time. It was amazing though – wouldn’t mind heading back there again.

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