Mar 142007

The weather finally broke this morning, the clouds disappeared, the sun came out!  It was off to Coogee just down the coast for the coastal walk to Bondi beach.  My mate Karen and her pal joined me for the 90 minute walk along the coast.  This is a great thing to do here if you want a break from the city – wave battered cliff lined coastlined dotted with small to large surf beaches inbetween, and a few swimming areas or pools sectioned off from the open seas.

We woke up after the walk with a refreshing fight with the waves at Bondi for half an hour – our bodies constantly battered as we tried to bodysurf.

We ended up with some food at the Bondi Icebergs.  From here is was back on a bus, train and ferry (far quicker and easier than it sounds) to get changed, and I’m off to meet Lynne I used to work with years ago for a quiet drink at the Opera bar.

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