Mar 092007

Considering I wasn’t that bothered about Australia when I came over here it’s pretty hard to leave (apart from the cost of it!) places as I have left so many things untouched and not been able to spend nearly as much time with people as I’d like to.

In every city I’ve met friends, often people I’ve not seen for years, and within a few nights I’ve moved on. I had a blast in Adelaide and wasn’t ready to go. In Melbourne I’ve met five people in 3 days – friends and people I’ve met while travelling and it’s awkward leaving everywhere so quickly. While travelling around you meet some really cool people that are a pleasure to spend time with, and you have great conversations about anything and everything – the only bad thing about it is you often find out more places to go to, and you miss the chats and catch ups when you have to move on quickly. Most of whom I would consider as like best mates in Australia have been people I met years ago in Canada while snowboarding for a couple of months.

There are also loads more things I’d like to do in Australia outside of the cities, especially if I had my own transport for a while – Kakadu, The Kimberleys, Ningaloo and umpteen 4×4 adventures.

Unfortunately I’ve also planned the trip really badly in terms of missing some of the best events in Australia – to hit these all would have required a load of planning up front but if I spent less time in WA (which I didn’t really want to), I could have flown from Alice Springs and see all of these potentially :

Sydney – Mardi Gras

Melbourne – Grand Prix, and picked up a mates car and driven to Adelaide seeing Mt Gambier and the Grampians.

Adelaide – Fringe Festival, Adelaide Cup, Touring Cars

Unfortunately it’s impossible to do and see everything but it’s such a blow being so close to so many events.

I also hoped to do a dive from a helicopter around Sydney after seeing and article in Asian Diver, but when I called up they didn’t have anything planned until the day after I arrived in New Zealand – typical!

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