Mar 072007

I flew from Adelaide to Melbourne today. It was hard leaving Adelaide as I had a great time there, largely helped by Scott having days off, and the festival preview happening while I was there.
I managed to have a few beers, go for dinner, drive around for a day (thanks for the car Scott) and go mountain biking, and generally have a few days in out makeshift batchelor pad – no plans, food, drink, late nights.
I’ll write a better description of one of our nights out when I hook up my laptop.
Not planning on doing too much in Melbourne as I was hear less than two years ago and could do with a chill out, except from hooking up with mates probably every evening….
I’ve got ‘settled in’ to my mate’s pad in central Melbourne, despite him working somewhere in middle Asia just now, so I’ve yet to meet his housesitter who happily left me a key and some cake in the fridge. Now I’ve just got much more music to try and ahem, ‘acquire’.
Anyway, better dash, got loads of music to trial….(cheers Alan!)

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