Feb 262007

Yesterday was a pretty chilled out day with even more plans falling into place.  I was a bit slow after trying to drag Pablo into having a few beers at his BBQ the night before (he drastically needed the hair of the dog after his works night out on Friday).  They treated me to my second BBQ this week, and I managed to toss a few things in there, so have passed my aussie test.

  Pablo took me into Fremantle for a look, then I met Gill at Cottesloe beach after a swim.  I got a call from my mate Karen in Sydney so she could re-acquaint herself with my Scottish twang….needless to say I had to s-l-o-w down until she got up to speed.  So it’s all sorted, if I get to Sydney by Sat 10th I will go to a travel writing seminar with her for the afternoon.

(Pic : Pablo and I at Cottlesloe beach)

Scottie in Adelaide also got in touch and has amazingly taken a day off next Sunday, so I’ll arrive there after doing the red centre of Australia, and hit the bars (although hopefully not quite as madly as we hit them during my one night in Adelaide last year!).

Alan in Melbourne also got in touch so despite his absence from the city (working abroad again) I’m going to crash his place with his housesitter/buddy/whoever is living there just now,and have use of his Jeep!  And when I hit Sydney I have a place to stay with a Brit who was on my Whitsundays boat. 

I’m also writing this in Perth at a mate’s house, overlooking their pool in the garden while the forecast rainstorms are quietly sneaking in around me.  I’m just going to chill out today and tomorrow catching up with personal ‘admin’ (emails, downloads, the joy of broadband wifi).

I also met up with my old department boss from Edinburgh for a couple of beers last night.  He moved over here 18 months ago so was good to catch up with someone else in town.

Yaaaa, dont’cha just love friends!

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