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Well I’ve realised I’ve spoiled myself a bit in the first year of my diving.  Philippines, yes, and yes again. Perhentians, yes.  Cambodia(?!), yes.  Sipadan, oooooh yes!  And here I am back in the Philippines, but in Malapascua Island.  I descended the mooring line around 7am in a big swell, strong surface current, and a relatively poor visibilty.  I descended 23 metres, moved a wee bit and plunked my booty down on the top of Monad Shoals just sitting there.  And sitting there.  It felt bizarre, we were laying low, and watching out into the deep blue beyond, distracted by the odd boxfish and lionfish (yawwwwwn – as I said, I’m spoiled).  We decided to make a move.

Two minutes later it was all worth it.  As usual I’m looking along the bottom, then a little nudge alerts me of the whopping great Thresher Shark over to our left, gigantic swooping tail gracefully cutting through the water.  It was all worth it.  Too quickly, it buggered off with better things to do.  This dive site is a cleaning station for the sharks, so you sit, wait, and hope one will come along, and get (ahem) sucked off by a wrasse cleaning bits off of it.

We bumped into another bunch of divers, so we waited by the wall dropping hundreds of feet below us in the bluest darkest depths.  Minutes later, another Thresher came towards us, and I had visions of it swimming right above our heads.  Unfortunately it decided to turn away beforehand, and tease me to dive again tomorrow morning.  If you look (really!) closely you can just make them out!

Thresher in the distance :


Thresher in the deep blue :

A Thresher’s tail : 


Scoropionfish (Yaaaaawn, but a nice picture) :

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