Feb 162007

I’m just off the overnight bus from Rainbow Beach to Airlie Beach. Ha, and the people here complain about long bus journeys – so comfy compared to thers on my trip, and it didn’t seem long at all.

As expected (and as in Fraser Island), I arrived and it quickly pissed it down, so could be an ‘interesting’ trip, but it clears up more than it rains, guess the views, pictures and diving may just not be, well….perfect. Anyway, I’ve not had breakfast yet or checked in for the boat as I’ve been busy catching up and spending more money booking trips to Uluru (Ayers Rock).

I now fly from Perth on Tues 4th March to Alice Springs, then pick up a 3 day Uluru Safari with Kings Canyon, the Olgas and Uluru (Ayers Rock) with Adventure Tours Australia, then join a 2 day Boomerang tour from Alice Springs to Adelaide with Groovy Grape. I had hoped to do it all as one trip with Groovy Grape but the date I had to do it was fully booked. Anyway, I’ve heard mixed reports about ‘the big stone’ but I’m glad I’m heading up there now, despite the costs. Unfortunately I’ve done this as my planned dive trip to Ningaloo Reef at Exmouth was too expensive as I missed the cheap flights, and Kalgoorie and Esperance just didn’t quite fit in timewise.

If I got the address right, you can look at my new travel calendar.

I hope to dive south of Perth next week around Dunsborough, then head to Margaret River area, returning for the weekend in Perth on Saturday or Sunday. Tonight I head on my Whitsundays trip.

Sorry for being poor on replying to emails – the net is more expensive here, I’ve been rushing around from place to place, and they don’t like you plugging in laptops and USB pen drive – thus the lack of photos! Keep your fingers crossed for my weather the next few days!

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