Feb 062007

Well I post this quickly before getting my cab to Changi airport in Singapore. Once again, Singapore has eluded me and I’ve hardly seen anything of the city. Luckily I started speaking to two English girls when I arrived, over a beer and they asked if I wanted to go to the night safari with them and their mates to make up a full complement of Scotland, Ireland, England and Wales. We missed their mates, but it got my lazy ass out to see it. It was quite good, saw a few animals I’ve never seen before, but I’m not sure if it lived up to the hype.

I was going to go for a wander around today but ended up sharing a cab to one of the electronics malls and buying another(!) external hard drive, then attempting to help out their indeciciveness buying a MacBook and a camera, so that’s about all I’ve seen. Had a great, relatively cheap, meal in a local Moroccan restaurant for lunch though.

This evening I fly to Sydney, then hang around the airport for a few hours to catch a Virgin Blue flight up to the Gold Coast. One night in Byron Bay then up to Brisbane to meet Tony.

Half the people in this excellent hostel (Sleepy Sams – nice vibe, great people, nice area in the traditional Malay area, and to top it off…. free wifi) seem to be heading to Australia today.

I’ll miss Asia, the people, the prices, the room-to-yourself, the food, any knockoff music and software you want, and all the places, sights and smells. Starting to look forward to some of the trips I’ve booked in Australia, and catching up with friends, but Asia – I’ll be back!! Thank you for great times!

(I’ve already got the option of crashing in Manila in the summer for free while my sister is travelling in her summer break…..oh ooooh!)

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