Feb 072007

I landed in Sydney this morning, waited a few hours and flew straight up to Byron Bay, arriving here in time to enjoy the afternoon. When I got here I was in stereotypical Australia :

Surrounded by pristine beach, pristine walkways, everyone uber helpful, people cycling with surfboards, ‘mate’ being said all the time, everyone and everything in english….and lots of babes in bikinis, and blokes trying to impress them. It’s all a bit of a culture shock for me – a bit too civilised compared to what I’m used to in Asia! It may take me a while to get used to it.

Sewage smells, people gobbing in the street, kids pissing on street corners, cheap eats on the streets, hassling street sellers…oh I miss Asia already!

Australia is also much more in-your-face-backpackers than in Asia. It’ll be interesting what I think if I get stuck with a bunch of eight 20 year old pisscan party animals on my 4×4 self drive trip on Fraser Island!?!

Anyway, Byron’s a lovely place, although I’ve seen nothing of the town. I went for a walk around the headland today, along wooden boardwalks and a bit of coastal rainforest. The last night I wasn’t at 35,000 feet I was watching anteaters, porcupines, tigers, and a load of other bizarre mammals. Today….it was bush turkeys along the walk. Yesterday I was in Singapore, today I was on the most easterly point of Australia.

It’s probably a good thing I’m not staying around here for long. I really want to try kitesurfing and it’s perfect here for that. But then there’s the diving, the handgliding, the kayaking with whales, the skydiving and many more things teasing be to blow my remaining budget overnight!
Anyway, it’s about time I went to get something normal to eat. And a beer.

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