Feb 212007

Only got 10 mins freebie time online, so just a quickie.
Arrived at my Perth hostel at 2am this morning, then got up to meet Gill I know from back home for a coffee when I woke up. Left some luggage at theirs then got the bus to Dunsborough this afternoon. Tomorrow I dive at the HMS Swan wreck, on Friday I go on a wine tour around Margaret River, then on Saturday morning I head north to Mandurah, 1 hour south of Perth to catch up with an indoor climbing mate from Edinburgh. He’s going to try and take me out on the water and watch and laugh at me trying to ride his kitesurfing kit for the first time.
I’ll spend Saturday night catching up with him, and then head back up to Perth on Sunday morning – maybe for a photo trip around Perth.
Phew – it’s non stop in Australia! Too much I’m having to miss out on, but as I thought yesterday….jumping around Aus to Perth is the equivalent of me heading to Moscow for a few days from home! Bizarre – you’d probably not do it in SE Asia so readily, but the mentality changes as you are still in the same country!

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