Feb 262007

Yesterday was a Good Day.  I woke up not too early, grabbed a bike from the hostel, and cycled the 2km to the dive shop, Cave Dive.  I kitted up, and jumped in the pick up for a lift to the dive boat.  5mm full wetsuits!  Jeez, the first time ever, and I ended up with a massive 10.5kg of weights!

The swan wreck was an old 113m frigate, scuttled in 1997 as an artificial reef.  There wasn’t much sealife to be found, but I saw a couple of shoals of pufferfish, which I hadn’t seen grouped up before.  After the first orientation dive, we entered again after a light lunch (this is no Thailand dive experience – no curry or stir fry, just an instant soup with roll).  The second dive we managed a couple of swimthroughs, and got into the bridge where the captain sat in previous days.  The dives were relatively short as they were 28m, but shortened by two safety stops on the way up….

A great day with a bit of a different dive experience.  I cycled back to the Beach House YHA, then walked a few metres to chill out on the beach with a wee sunbathe and swim (no stinger suits required here – yeehaaa!).  I even managed a very brief run along the beach.

I decided to spend the evening necking a local bottle of wine, talking through the joys of leaving IT behind with a belgian guy, who firmed up my thoughts on using couchsurfing.com while in Japan!

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