Feb 032007

Just a brief post tonight.  I’m back in Manila – in fact I cam back yesterday from Malapascua – boat, dodgy boat transfer, 4hr bus, taxi to airport, flight, taxi to Makati to sisters.  Long day.  Anyway, was out on a ‘culinary tour’ with the crowd from Old Manila Walks this afternoon, accompanying my bro-in-laws photography course.  There were some eye openers in Manila’s Chinatown!  (will post pics soon).

Tonight we went for dinner and went to the Hobbit House for drinks, crashed out early, and I, as usual, have been sucked in on the net catching up with things.

There’s a shedload of new pics at the Wandering Scotsman picture gallery in Laos, Philippines, Cambodia, Vietnam, Malaysia (Perhentians), Brunei, Thailand and Myanmar.  I have yet to add captions to the pictures though!

I have Sunday to catch up wtih stuff, pack, go and buy the last ‘knock off’ software and DVD’s I may want from Asia, and fly to Singapore on Monday.   Sadly I leave Asia on Tuesday and land in Sydney on Wednesday morning!!!  Eeeeek, a Western culture!!

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