Feb 192007

That’s me just back from my trip around the Whitsundays on the Anoconnda III yacht.
Unfortunately the weather got the better of us so we didn’t make it out to the outer barrier reef due to storm warnings. We had an option of mooring at Hamilton Island and using the resort there, but the whole boat wasn’t in agreement. Unlike the 6 expected dives, we only made three. The visibility was only 3-5 metres so pretty unexceptional diving.
But…the trip was still good – a great crowd and crew, but they only put two of the sails up on the return leg back to Airlie Beach. It turned out quite an expensive trip for the few dives I got. It’s no Thailand here – paying for soft drinks, water etc.
To be honest, the Whistundays weren’t quite as amazing as I expected them to be. Partly due to the weather, but partly due to the amount of travelling. It’s a shame but it’s hard to think that *everywhere* is amazing. I think the best way to see them would be from the air. We stopped off at a beach that was meant to be one of the top three in the world according to National Geographic, but it wasn’t (although the sand was the purest in the world apparently – used for the hubble telescope). I’m sure the Scottish Hebrides are just as impressive as the whitsundays – just not the same level of wildlife maybe. And it’s a shame out water is bloody freezing.

Anyway, it’s out for a few drinks with the boat crowd tonight, then pretty much all day travelling to the west coast (Perth) tomorrow. This trip just make me want to dive at Ningaloo Reef more, but money and time doesn’t allow it.

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