Feb 042007

Well I’m sitting in Manila, but finally starting to sort out Aus plans. I’ve just booked a Fraser Island self drive 4×4 trip for three nights from Monday 12th Feb, then a dive/sailing liveaboard trip to the Whitsundays leaving on Friday 16th for three nights.

With a stroke of good timing, one of my mates is not in Spain as I expected him to be, but has came back home and ended up in Brisbane (or Brisvegas as he called it!).  Because of this, and the trips I’ve booked I’ve cancelled my accommdation in Sydney.  When I arrive on Wednesday at 0650, I’m not even going to leave the airport .  A few hours after I touch down I’m on a Virgin Blue flight up to the Gold Coast for one night in Byron Bay, then heading up to Brisbane for the weekend sometime on Thursday.

Tony – get the beers in!



(some more links to the Annaconda III sailing info and pictures from a previous trip on Annaconda III yacht)

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