Feb 272007

Well I hate to say it as it’s such a cliche, and I don’t want to spread it around….but I’m in Alice Springs, and smirking at the ‘real’ Australia…not quite so many immigrants here (Brits!) and full of Aboriginies yelling at each other and coming in to bars trying to crash cigarettes etc. And as expected, it’s bloody hot up here!
My welcome to Alice Springs was flies buzzing around me like I was a fresh stinking turd – they (the flies!) seem to be all over the place here. Instantly I longed for one of the classic Aussie hats with bits of cork hanging on strings around my face! And I’ve already eyed up some didgeridoos (oh, oh…wallet warning – they’re priced for rich tourists!).
After finding a place for food that was reasonably affordable, I bodyswerved the backpacker home cooking and went for a meal and beers. But it’s time to crash in prep for an early start tomorrow.

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