Feb 142007

Just back from the three day 4×4 in Fraser Island. A fantastic few days, and got caught in the pissing rain and lightning a couple of times – luckily we were back at camp both times….but it can’t be that bad with esky’s of booze and a large banged up Toyota Landcruiser to sit in the back of!

Off we went, 4 Toyota Landcruisers loading onto the ferry, roofs full of gear, and trucks full of bodies. A quick intro to 4×4 driving at Dingos Resort, pre-selected food and booze, and off we went, flying round to Lake MacKenzie – an interesting intro to 4×4’ing up a sandy road! I got stuck coming downhill on a bit, but only because I didn’t ‘gun it’ when the truck starting slowing down behind the sand. I also then took it a bit too fast along the beach, and hit a 3 foot ish drop off at a water run out – amazing how easily a fully loaded landcruiser took it – very top heavy as well!
I also managed to stick the truck in soft sand coming downhill, so thanks for the manpower folks!

Fraser Island is a great place – and far larger than I expected (e.g. over 115km from one point to another. Driving on the beach and sandy roads is fantastic fun. Unfortunately the weather wasn’t as great as I hoped, which affected some of the views. The beach is just a (far!) larger, warmer version of Balmedie Beach just north of Aberdeen, and ‘one of the most amazing lakes you’ll see’ which is Lake McKenzie isn’t any more stunning than most Scottish lochs…albeit with far warmer water. BUT, I’m not slagging the place off, a great trip and highly recommended!

Anyway, I need a shower. Tomorrow I’m off to feed dolphins and killing myself getting up early again. I then take an overnight bus to Airlie Beach for my Whitsundays trip, and I fly to Perth on the 20th. Dive plans at Exmouth have probably been put on hold due to increasing flight prices, so it’s all a bit in the air in terms of Western Australia!

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