Feb 272007

Well I hate to say it as it’s such a cliche, and I don’t want to spread it around….but I’m in Alice Springs, and smirking at the ‘real’ Australia…not quite so many immigrants here (Brits!) and full of Aboriginies yelling at each other and coming in to bars trying to crash cigarettes etc. And as […]

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Feb 272007

I fly to Alice Springs in a few hours, and already say goodbye to the west coast.  There’s far less people here (at least for a few years yet!), and you can swim in the sea 🙂  I can’t believe I’ve been in the area for almost a week as it’s flown by, catching up […]

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Feb 262007

I’ve been taking advantage of having laptop internet access and have added a load of Australian photos to the Wanderingscotsman picture gallery.  I’ve also added quite a few posts, and added pictures to the Whitsundays and Fraser Island posts. Enjoy!

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Feb 262007
Unofficial couchsurfing.com and Australia plans

Yesterday was a pretty chilled out day with even more plans falling into place.  I was a bit slow after trying to drag Pablo into having a few beers at his BBQ the night before (he drastically needed the hair of the dog after his works night out on Friday).  They treated me to my second BBQ this […]

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Feb 262007
Margaret River wine tour

As I could do wine tours from Dunsborough I saved myself some grief and decided to stay at the YHA for my three nights in the area.  It’s a pretty good hostel, 2km out of town, but free bikes, snorkelling stuff, and boogie boards (not that there’s much surf until you go round the coast).  […]

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Feb 212007

Only got 10 mins freebie time online, so just a quickie.Arrived at my Perth hostel at 2am this morning, then got up to meet Gill I know from back home for a coffee when I woke up. Left some luggage at theirs then got the bus to Dunsborough this afternoon. Tomorrow I dive at the […]

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