Jan 232007

Well I’m back in Ao Nang for the thirdtime since the mid December, just having arrived from Krabi. It’s not a new place for me, but it’s new faces. I left Rachel for her slow trip home and am waiting for John aka ‘Johnny Jazz’ to arrive in town. The first and probably only chance visitor from my mates at home. Could be boozy!

Will be heading to the Philippines on Saturday night and despite wanting to chill, I’m about to investigate a short dive trip to Malapscua…arg, I just can’t resist after the last few days diving fest. And, John has taken over an exspensive plastic box with sealed buttons on it so I can take my camera diving too….yaaaaaaaaaaaah!

Anyway, will try and catch up my stories over the next few days, including my mad visa run to spend 20 minutes in Malaysia after dashing cross country in a pickup with a manic fast driver…I try and get more pictures online. I have an absolute stunner of one of the manta rays from the other day, but it’s not my picture, so will keep it to myself.

Come on John, I’m waiting by the phone for ya…

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