Jan 052007

The visa run didn’t happen today as for once, the bus was full…probably of people who have just sobered up after new year and realised their time is due…

So life on Koh Lanta? The title above about sums up our life at Lanta Family Resort for the last week. Get up…sometime, go for a swim if the tide is in (it’s too far to walk the 100 metres along the beach if the tide is out…), have breakfast (or more likely lunch by that time), grab a bit of beach real estate (there’s hardly anyone on it – not a problem), and fall asleep listening to tunes.

If you are feeling really energetic you may read a book, or get up and order another banana shake. If your brain is really working on overtime, a day may also involve a 25 metre walk to the internet cafe on the beach. If the tide’s still in, heck, go for it – another wee swim.

Anytime from 3pm onwards (sometimes earlier, sometimes later….usually sunset for me) on the Lanta clock it’s beer o’clock. Sometimes there’s enough time for a pre-dinner snack, but if you are really energetic (or need a kick) then you may sneak in a shower between beers. Usually I’ll try to put a bit of exercise in and walk to the shop along the driveway and across the road to get cheaper bottles of water.

I’ve got too settled in this environment, but I’m loving it. I don’t know how I’ll handle the ‘metropolis’ of Krabi and Ao Nang tomorrow, but hey I’ll be back here in a few days.

Last night it was the second birthday of the week so we excelled ourselves and walked 150m up the road to ‘Take A Seat’ for a Scottish guys birthday. He had arranged a buffet with an owner he met here a few years ago, and it was most of his group’s last night. I was convinced I’d have a few beers then go back for an early kip.

Little did I realise that later on I’d be playing the bongos at the bar and be the catalyst in getting the whole crowd up on ‘stage’ dancing like complete loonies to some corny dance tunes. The stage was one of the several beachside raised platforms at the ‘resort’. I crashed at 3am after we had a little fireshow on the beach, some firecrackers for the birthday, several beers, a cocktail and the inevitable buckets of Samsong. It was a great evening though – around ten of us sitting on a mat at a table on the beach with our tunes on in the background (the night before I was playing a specially compiled playlist through the speakers from my MP3 player :-)))))))) ). Eventually I crashed taking home someone else’s sandals (they took mine by mistake) and after convincing one of the guys it wasn’t a good idea to take his hired moto into town to find a party and kebab.

I got woken up this morning around 11am hearing voices outside the bungalow….

“I bet he can’t even remember I took his sandals when he wakes up”
“Thanks very much guys, have a good flight home today”…..then I decided I should get up as I could fall asleep on the beach instead.

Gotta go, the sun is going down so I better get off this beach hut and go and post this….

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