Jan 282007


I arrived in Manila early this morning after quite a long day. I was getting ‘pestered’ by a Filipino girl (no, not like that!) on my last flight from Bangkok, who decided to have a mid aisle chat, then move to the window seat next to me (since I was the only one in my row). There was only one thing to do – pretend to fall asleep rather than read my book. Needless to say we were both sleeping together before long (erm, her head against the window, mine against my hand, one empty seat between us!). It was a pretty uneventful journey except some unexpected turbulence that woke me up. It’s the only time I wished the flight lasted longer – three hours sleep just wasn’t enough (it left at 0130 so couldn’t sleep before). I had quite a bit of time to kill in the airport, but a wee wi-fi fix always helps that, along with an episode of Futurama on my laptop!

I’m now sitting, Sunday late morning, in the comforts of a 36th floor apartment of my sisters, browsing the web, overlooking downtown Manila, eating home made fruit shakes, coffee and toasted buns. It’s nice to get a bit of comfort and home feeling for a change! I know I’m diving, and I can’t moan, but a week of this would have been nice. I’m even liking Norah Jones playing in the background to give the full on Sunday feeling.

We’ve also been for a wander along the river to get out and about. I’m sure they weren’t used to westerners walking down there as we got some funny looks. We then went to the American War Memorialto get some pics. Apparently it’s the biggest greenest quietest area my sister has came across in Manila!

Coming back here takes me back a year to my previous trip to the Philippines – another quick trip to Manila, with two island trips as well. Some funny stories in that link!

High rises in Makati city (from the living room window)

The contrasts in Manila :

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