Jan 262007

Oh dear, Thailand has made me start to blow budgets like mad! I convince myself that it’s a good investment long term…as I have booked a 4 day trip to Malapascua next week to do more diving – half the price of diving in Thailand, and only £35 return flights (plus taxi and boat) to get there, and $28 a dive. Have a look at Exotic Dive Resort as that’s where I’m heading. Super helpful folk via email and phoe enquiries. I may do a Nitrox and Deep Diver certification there as it doesn’t add so much onto the costs of the dives I’d do anyway. With a bit of luck I’ll see Thresher and Hammerhead sharks as well.

Tomorrow (Saturday) I’ll gladly be leaving the Krabi area of Thailand – great area, great activities, and many islands I’d still like to see, but I’ve been here too long relaxing and blowing cash…although the diving has been worth it. It’s just a shame when I think I’ve spent longer here than Laos and Cambodia put together – largely due to meeting various people who happened to be in the area.

Sunday morning will see me in my sister’s pad in Manila for a couple of days before heading to Malapascua for 4 days, 2 days diving, then it’s over to Singapore for a night then Australia.

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