Jan 272007

I’m sitting here waiting for my taxi to Krabi airport to get my flight to Bangkok. I then have a few hours to kill before catching a very early morning flight to Manila, two days there then off to Malapascua for a few days.

It’s pretty hard leaving here! I’ve been here long enough but there are plenty more islands to explore. It almost feels like ‘home’ though after spending more than a month in the area. The guesthouse owners recognise me, the guy at the wifi cafe recognises me (and said goodbye on the beach this morning), the tailor I walk past every day stops to chat, and the motorbike guy at the end of the road always says hello. The only person that pretends he doesn’t recognise me is the jobsworth security guard as I trot home every night (I always try and tease him to get his metal stick out like he did once, but he’s never done it again!).

Anyway, it is goodbye to the Andaman Sea, with a nice chill in this morning as John left to head to Koh Lanta. Last thing I heard he has successfully found ‘Tong’ at the peir, and was on the back of his pickup to sample the Lanta Family Resort I relaxed at for many hours recently! Jealous!

Although I’m heading to the Philippines I’m not ready to leave Asia for Australia – the though of heading to such a western society doesn’t really appeal just now. I was looking at Myanmar and Laos pictures last night and it reminded me how enjoyable those places were!

Anyway, needs must! Kapun Kap Thailand!

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