Jan 022007

Well the guys at the Lanta Family Resort perked me up a bit. After picking me up at the peir, after dinner I went back to the bungalow’s restaurant and was told to join him and the other guests for a beer, and stayed a few hours, despite thinking I wouldn’t be out past around 10, given the night before. A sound bunch of folk, some of whom had came here for a few days and stayed here 1.5-3 weeks!

Unfortunately, as warned last night, we went to the pier today to find out the boat to Koh Lipe wasn’t running today as it’s every alternate day. Due to only having a few days there I may just skip the expensive boat trip and hang around on Koh Lanta a few days before my visa run, and heading back to Krabi.

In saying that, it’s quite windy tonight so I hope a storm doesn’t pass through!
I have a new Thai mobile number, so email me if you want it to call me and have a chat (go on, you know you want to!)

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