Jan 292007

I had to do some cooking lessons…or reminders… today. I was left home alone in my sister’s place, so had to fend for myself. I resisted the temptation to go out for breakfast (I’ve only got borrowed Pesos anyway due to the useless exchange at Bangkok airport), and had to make myself a coffee and some toast!!! Remarkable. The first coffee I’ve made for myself for ages, and definitely the first toast I’ve ahem, ‘made’, since leaving home! I even managed to cut a few slices of cheese. I’m just so glad I went to the pool for a few lengths to build myself up to it…..although for a moment it was looking like I was away to get stuck in the lift….not very reassuring when it stops a few floors down for someone, the floors are 8 inches out of line, it stops, the display goes off, but you can tell you are still moving.

Anyway, all sorted for tomorrow’s trip to Malapascua…fly to Cebu, will splash out on a taxi for the 2-3 hour trip to Maya pier, rent a boat for 30 mins to take me over to the island, and I should be there around mid-afternoon so I can speak to someone about what I’m going to do there. Oh, so many dives in such a short period…I really should buy a dive computer….. 😉

Really looking forward to the few days…the place is so small is doesn’t even appear in some of the guidebooks on the bookshelf…. an extract from Lonely Planet : “This little island off Cebu’s northern tip has everything the low-key, sun-seeking traveller needs. The island – LESS THAN 2 SQ KM IN SIZE (yaaaah!)…..has enticing, long, white beaches…..major drawcard of the island is underwater – the thresher shark….”

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