Jan 042007

I managed to move a bit further than the 20 metres to the beach today. I got a scooter with one of the other guys in the accommodation and biked around the southern end of Koh Lanta. We also spent an hour in a kayak just to pretend we did something a bit energetic.

AND – the bike never broke down OR ran out of petrol (like the last times)!

Tonight we’re heading along the road to eat elsewhere for a change. Someone we invited to join our group the other night is having a bit of a birthday meal, so we’re off to show out faces. A lot of the group here left to Koh Samui today, and tomorrow I’m off (very briefly!) to spend 30 minutes in Malaysia to do a visa renewal run, before heading back to Ao Nang in Krabi to meet Rachel the day after. It’s a bit mad going back there for two days before heading back to Koh Lanta but it’s a birthday….

I hope they’re up for diving etc as I’ve put all that off until they arrive. I also need to make a few phone calls about liveaboards if I’m going to head to the Similan Islands…but that’s an expensive treat!

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