Dec 262006

It’s hard to think that two years ago, a large tsunami ripped through this area, devastating the lives of many around the world. There is still a bit of building work going on, but I think this has as much to do with development as anything else. There are tsunami evacuation signs all over the area, including the smaller islands.

Every day we have seen small balloons, lit by a small fire underneath ascend over the bay, staying alight for as long as you can see, drifting up to the heavens. Tonight we finally found out where they were being let off, and let off our own. They were to mark the anniversary of the tsunami, and were being set off from the beach to show respect, and make a wish. They’re a pretty beautiful sight as you often see up to twenty in the sky, staying alight until they are too far away to see.

I’ve got a sneaky suspicion that the folk selling them are making a fast buck though without any cash going to the tsunami relief fund.
Mind you though, it’s not just the guys on the street. I watched the news last week that said most of the cash donated is still tied up, and many of the large countries that pledged multi millions of dollars to help have only paid out a tiny percentage of their pledge.

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