Dec 122006

Due to a very limited time in Vietnam, and a pretty blown ‘budget’ already, the flight option to Hanoi was selected, saving 16-18 hours on the bus or train.

After chilling by the pool and collecting jeans it was finally time to grab some chillout time in Hoi An. Of course, this was ultimately decided after passing by a fresh beer stop, which offered up a glass for 19 cents. The final bill for 5 glasses was a shade under $1, or around 50 pence for UK people.

Yes, you read it correctly….. 5 beers for 50 PENCE!!! That’s about a sixth of the price of ONE pint of Stella Artois in some bars in Edinburgh nowadays.

I then got it in my head I was going to swap my Raleigh International cap for a Rainbow Divers, Hoi An hat which is worn as part of a uniform by many of the cyclo drivers in town. They also wear matching Rainbow Divers shirts (great advertising!). Frustratingly, but admirably, they insisted it was not possible as it was part of their uniform and they couldn’t give them away.

Although completely gutted to be leaving Hoi An so soon (and 4.5 days there is more than many!) I’m looking forward to Hanoi, but know that three days there will, once again, be waaaay too short.

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